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V.I.P. Units

Our V.I.P. Units are an excellent choice for weddings, parties or other special events. Lighting inside and out is great for evening events. Heating and air conditioning for comfort. Attractive inside and out.

V.I.P. Trailers

VIP Trailer


8' Wide x 28' Long
Central A/C w/exhaust
Fire Proof Entrance/Exit Doors
Fresh Water 275 Gallons
Waste Water 900 Gallons
Fold In Doorsteps & Handrails
Baseboard Heat
4 Women's Accomodations
4 Men's Urinals
Trash Receptacles
Flushing Toilets & Urinals
Steel Sinks w/ Soap


Two Stall Powder Rooms

Pleasing to the eye with modern, sparkling clean appearance. Finished in high gloss white with aluminum trim. The green units are set up with safety rails for your convenience. Both units can be skirted to add to their visual appeal. Powder rooms are solar powered and self sufficient, "they can go almost anywhere".

Powder Room


7' 7" Long x 5' 3" Wide
142 Gallon Holding Tank
Fold In Door Steps & Handrails
Power Supply & Lighting
Porcelain Flushing Toilets


Toilet Paper Dispensers
Hand Wash Basin
Soap Dispenser & Towels
Hand Towel
Vanity Cabinet
Waste Bin

Power Room Inside

Powder Room Inside

Three Stall Skid Unit

Three Stall Skid Unit


7' 6" Wide x 16' Long
Three separate stalls
Trash Can
Toilet Paper
Fresh Air Flow Vents

Self contained and intended for higher capacity needs. Door entrances at ground level for easy access.

Three Stall Unit Inside

The recommended "usage" is subject to each event based on detail, a customer service representative can help determine your exact needs.